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Evoco’s Construction Management Software

Evoco works with some of the world’s largest retailers to automate their design and construction programs online. What we have learned is that volume changes everything. Multi-location retailers face a unique challenge to manage their build and remodel programs at a program level and realize efficiencies across projects, banners and locations.

Evoco’s construction management software streamlines and automates the bid process, change order management, invoicing, document management, and inspections. Key advantages are visibility into the state of assets, construction progress, sign-offs and compliance related responsibilities, with a layer of analytics and high level reporting to amalgamate data, while still allowing you to drill into the details.

Streamline communications and processes between building owners, architects, engineers and contractors and speed up project delivery dates. Eliminate inefficiencies in the building lifecycle, from design and construction through operations and remodeling

Evoco’s construction management software and its ability to integrate with third party solutions make it an ideal part of Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS); when you need a solution from a company experienced in working with construction processes, changes and communication between many departments and outside consultants, and need your solution to integrate with existing source systems and data. We have been working with customers to solve data management issues for more than a decade, bringing together islands of information.

At Evoco we don’t believe in an all-or-nothing approach. We help customers address their biggest pain points first. Each of our modules is functional on its own and addresses a specific industry need, or can be combined with other Evoco products to fully manage your design and construction programs.





Document Management – creates a central online point for both internal and external parties to securely store, access and distribute design and construction documents, helping reduce delays and costs, and increase collaboration. Access to contribute, view and modify documents is based on a person’s role, with the ability to share markup and comments.  Automatic document versioning keeps everyone up to date.

Bid Management – brings visibility, control and oversight to bidding, streamlining the process for all parties involved. Bidders review bid documents and securely submit their bid forms and backup materials online. Bid questions and answers are also handled online for facilitated addenda communication. Data from multiple bid forms is then automatically aggregated into an initial bid analysis to support the award process.

Change Management - provides real-time visibility of change orders to purchase orders, affording managers the ability to easily understand impact to budgets and timelines. Compare committed and uncommitted costs against financial thresholds. Send change requests to estimators for expert opinions.  Online form submission and automated approval routing increase efficiency. Integration with SAP and other ERP systems reduces keying errors and offers accurate budget tracking.

Invoice Management – controls invoice submissions, routing approval and dispute resolution though a secure online portal. Forms are automatically populated with approved PO amounts, then completed online and automatically routed electronically to all necessary parties for approval, digital signature and payment through a connection with your existing ERP solution.

Capital project management – allows you to manage your construction costs from procurement to payment providing you with greater visibility to manage your projects through cost control. Evoco’s suite of financial products (Bid Management, Change Management & Invoice Management) provide clarity to track spending on previous projects to be able to better predict future cash flow requirements.

Inspection Management – provides you with tools to collect and aggregate information for all your projects, whether during construction or at particular points in the life of an asset. fuze Inspections provides point-in-time visibility into the state of assets, construction progress and sign-offs and compliance related responsibilities, while creating automatic audit trails in one central, secure application. iPad application available for on-site inspections.

Project Information Management (PIMS) – captures both current and historical project data to compare against a baseline set of KPI’s, providing a view of current projects and how they are tracking. Helps mitigate risk with a view to which projects are most in need of immediate attention.

Evoco fuze platform – allows all fuze modules to share data across the system, providing a single source for users to log in, with access to all the tools they need. The fuze platform compliments your propriety real estate solutions, 3rd party software or IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Systems), providing the in-depth knowledge, visibility and control required for large design and construction programs.

fuze 3rd party integration – is enabled through Evoco’s architecture; modular software components make it a perfect architecture for integration with 3rd party applications, and most importantly a client’s ERP, providing greater cost control and accuracy. It seamlessly integrates with your source systems and acts as a data gatekeeper, pulling in and sending out necessary data, empowering you with integrated information to fully understand your company's overall design and construction performance, making it an integral part of an Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

Analyticsfuze Analytics plugs into each of the modules and provides aggregated reporting for each module, or across the entire platform, turning data into usable business intelligence for planning and decision making.