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Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for Permit Compliance

Without consistent management and a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) in place, construction projects risk fines, punitive damages and consent decrees for being out of compliance with permits for managing stormwater runoff.

Stormwater management software built upon extensive experience working with some of the world's largest retailers and construction companies

Designed specifically for retailers, developers and large construction companies, Evoco's stormwater management software provides visibility across programs and projects. In one central application you can proactively manage site inspections, monitor best management practices, track and rapidly resolve site deficiencies, and create an audit trail of inspections without a mountain of paperwork.

  • Prove Your Compliance – Provide summaries or site reports on compliance activities, inspections, and corrective actions to meet permit requirements
  • Record Retention – Utilize unlimited online storage to meet record retention requirements
  • Leadership in SWPPP and Risk Reduction – Highlight and resolve common deficiencies across your programs with dynamic trend and data analytics reports 
  • Online Report Submissions  – Save time with soft copy submissions; digital signatures ensure no changes are made post sign off
  • Comments, Attachments, and Tasks – Add clarity, call attention to deficiencies, and indicate actions to be taken for remediation; managed through calendars, alerts and reporting
  • Scheduling, Notifications and Alerts – Escalate missed forms, inspections, and late tasks
  • Secure Access - Grant as little or as much access to project data based on a person's role
  • Mobility – Capture pictures to attach to inspections and tasks on site with Evoco's iPad application; access forms offline and seamlessly upload later if connectivity is an issue

Assure owners, government agencies and municipalities of your stormwater management excellence

Evoco's SWPPP solution is more than just an online inspection tool; it enables SWPPP program management in a consistent and enforceable manner. With our in-depth knowledge of stormwater processes and best practices, Evoco has been providing industry leaders with stormwater management software for more than a decade.

Continue to improve your SWPPP Solutions over time and avoid fines and delays

fuze Inspection Management provides an online central data repository allowing site or program level analysis and identification of trends. Gain insight and reduce risk by comparing activities, sites or projects by a variety of metrics including location, contractor, or required actions to identify and resolve common problem areas early in the process and across construction sites.

Why Choose Evoco's Stormwater Compliance Solution?

Take SWPPP best management practices and configure inspection form design

  • Configure forms and question sets for a variety of inspections for standardized program management with better analytics and reporting
  • Comments and attachments can be added to clarify inspection results
  • Support for scheduled and unscheduled inspections using a customizable calendar feature

Highlight, track and escalate items that require restorative action

  • Create tasks and add images and comments to describe and track items requiring restorative action
  • Ensure follow up in a timely manner with due dates assigned to tasks  
  • Send automatic reminders and notifications for inspections, deficiencies, and outstanding tasks; escalate issues to higher level employees to ensure resolution  occurs within required time frames

Reporting captures visibility into the condition of stormwater compliance at every site

  • View at site level or aggregated program level to easily track and share key performance indicators
  • Reports for completed, open and overdue forms and tasks identify the status of projects, programs and areas that require attention
  • Audit trail captured of all inspections completed on site, resolutions, and proof of compliance

Centralized, standardized program management and reporting

  • Centralize stormwater plans online for easy, real time access to key SWPPP documents
  • Document versioning allows you to make changes and communicate them to all relevant parties